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Trauma Separator Worksheet

Attached is my Trauma Separator Worksheet, which is designed to help people who have experienced trauma to separate trauma from current situations,

When you’ve experienced trauma in the past, it can be hard to separate the past from the present. Sometimes you think you see a threat in the present, when you’re actually reliving a threatening situation from the past. Alternatively, you may tell yourself that it must just be the trauma talking, when you actually do have a conflict in the present that needs to be addressed. And more often than not, conflicts will involve a combination of past trauma and current issues.

All parts of a conflict are valid, and all of your feelings are valid. This worksheet is not about lessening your problems or saying in any way that they are not real. It is simply to help you separate the past trauma from the present issue, as these parts will need to be resolved in different ways.

Use this worksheet freely, make as many copies as you would like.

Please note that I have heavily based this worksheet on my own experience with trauma and PTSD, so it may not work for every single type of trauma.

Trauma Separator Worksheet
Download PDF • 157KB

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