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20 Days, 20 Quizzes, Day 19: What Motivates You?

Video Transcript:

Hi Everyone! This is Day 19 of my video series, 20 Days, 20 Quizzes, where I count down the 20 reasons why my book, All About You: A Personality Quiz Book will make a great gift for your loved ones this holiday season! This book is aimed at preteens and teenagers, but adults can also enjoy it. Click on the link in the description below to purchase!

The nineteenth quiz in the book asks what motivates you? There are lots of different factors that can motivate you, and this quiz focuses on five. The first is fun and enjoyment of the activity you’re doing. Liking to do something just for its own sake, because it makes you happy. The second is personal goals and achievement. Setting goals for yourself and seeing your improvement. The third is competition. Competing against others, striving to be the best, and playing to win. The fourth is recognition. Being recognized and praised for your work, and being able to showcase your talents to other people. And the fifth is having an impact. Helping others, making a difference, and seeing that your work impacts the people around you. This quiz will help you figure out which of these factors motivates you the most. And these factors can be applied in any field that interests you.

If your priority is fun, make sure that you’re enjoying the activities you do, and that you’re able to enjoy them regardless of whether you win or get praise. If you find ever yourself being pushed in an activity to the point that you’re not having fun anymore, look for a less competitive way to be involved, and remind yourself that you don’t have to be the best at something to have fun.

If your priority is personal achievement, set personal goals for yourself in each of your activities. Challenge yourself to learn and master new skills in everything you do. Since you get more pleasure from beating your own best than beating someone else, be sure to set goals that focus on your own progress, rather than how you compare to others.

If your priority is competition, look for ways that you can compete in your activities. Join a team that competes, and work hard to be your best. Some activities, like sports, naturally involve competing. If you’re more into activities that don’t usually involve being on a team, look for competitions that you can enter – talent contests, writing contests, cooking contests. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, try organizing a competition among your friends.

If your priority is recognition, look for ways that you can showcase your talents in front of other people, such as performing or competing in front of others, or getting your work published or displayed. Make a website where you share your poetry or your arts and crafts, or make videos of yourself playing music or making a recipe. And if you’re not able to do that, see if you can show the skills you’re proud of to your family and friends.

If your priority is impact, look for ways that you can use your talent to have a positive impact on your community. You could teach others how to do the things you’re skilled at, use your talents to make people happy such as singing or doing crafts with people in a nursing home or hospital, or you could put on an event and donate the proceeds to charity.

This quiz will help you figure out what motivates you, and help you to do what you love in the way that means the most to you.

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