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20 Days, 20 Quizzes, Day 20: What Matters Most to You?

Video Transcript:

Hi Everyone! This is Day 20 of my video series, 20 Days, 20 Quizzes, where I count down the 20 reasons why my book, All About You: A Personality Quiz Book will make a great gift for your loved ones this holiday season! This book is aimed at preteens and teenagers, but adults can also enjoy it. Click on the link in the description below to purchase!

The twentieth and final quiz in the book asks what matters most to you. Since there are lots of different things that matter to people, this quiz focuses on three broad categories, which can each encompass a lot of different values and priorities. The categories are people (your friends, family, or community), following your interests or passions, or variety and adventure. This quiz will give you advice on how to live your life based on your values right now, and how to end up where you want to be in the future, based on what matters most to you.

The first category is people – having close relationships with people, spending time together, or feeling connected to your community. If this is your priority, you can work on this by nurturing your relationships. Prioritize spending time with the people you care about, even when you’re busy. Make an effort to stay in touch with people who live far, and to stay in contact even when it’s inconvenient for you, like getting together with your school friends during vacations. And if you aren’t able to see everyone in person right now, make sure you’re staying in touch by phone or video chat. When you’re used to seeing your friends every day at school, it can be difficult to maintain those relationships after you graduate or if someone moves away, because you’re not used to having to make effort to stay in contact. Getting yourself into a pattern of making that effort even when you’re busy or it’s inconvenient for you will help you to maintain your relationships in the long term. It’s also good to prioritize making new friends. Join communities where you can meet new people, get to know people individually, and don’t be afraid to ask for contact info so you can stay in touch.

The second category is passion – getting to do something that you love. Maybe it’s a career you want to pursue, or maybe you’ll be happy just always having it in your life even if it’s not your career. If your passion is something that you would like to pursue as a career, see if you can talk to someone who has that profession, so you can learn more about it and how to get there. And if you don’t have someone in the field you can talk to, try talking to a teacher or school counselor who can give you guidance on your career path.

If you’re not looking to pursue your passion as a career, or if it doesn’t work out as a career, you can still prioritize your passion. As you make decisions about your life, ask yourself, “Will this choice allow me to do what I love?” For example, if your passion is snowboarding, you won’t want to move someplace where it doesn’t snow. If your primary involvement in your passion is through a school activity, look for places where you could get involved once you graduate from school. Prioritize doing what you love by making the effort to squeeze it in even when you’re busy or it’s inconvenient. Even if you only write one sentence or run one block, those little pieces will add up over time. And keep in mind that you don’t need to get paid for something in order for it to matter. A lot of people have a job in one field while pursuing their dreams in another field. I have a day job that pays my bills, and that doesn’t make me less of an author. Even if you aren’t able to financially support yourself being an artist, athlete, musician, or whatever you want to be, you can still be one if you keep doing what you love.

The third category is variety and adventure – having an exciting life where you travel the world or try lots of new things. If this is your priority, look for opportunities to try new activities or learn new things. Sign up for an activity that you’ve never tried before. Go to the library and check out a book on a topic that you know nothing about. Maybe you’re considering a career in an adventurous field, like being an archeologist or marine biologist. Or you might consider a career that would allow you to travel and live in different places around the world. If this is the case, learn more about the professions that interest you. See if you can talk to someone in the field, or talk to a teacher or school counselor who can advise you on your career path. And if you’re not looking for travel job, but you’d still like to be able to travel, that’s still something to consider when choosing a career, in terms of salary and how much time you’ll be able to take off. If you already know that you want to travel to certain countries when you’re older, you could start learning the languages and learning as much as you can about the cultures now.

No matter how you come out on this quiz, remember that your priorities are you own, and it’s okay to live your life with your priorities in mind. If you practice living by your priorities every day, even when it’s inconvenient and even when you can only do a little at a time, you’re much more likely to be happy in the end.

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