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20 Days, 20 Quizzes, Day 11: Where Is Your Energy?

Video Transcript:

Hi Everyone! This is Day 11 of my video series, 20 Days, 20 Quizzes, where I count down the 20 reasons why my book, All About You: A Personality Quiz Book will make a great gift for your loved ones this holiday season! This book is aimed at preteens and teenagers, but adults can also enjoy it. Click on the link in the description below to purchase!

The eleventh quiz in this book is about where your energy is most concentrated. When you hear the word “energetic,” what comes to mind? When we say that a person is energetic, we often mean that the person is extroverted, bubbly, and outgoing. Someone who projects their energy outward. But this isn’t the only kind of energy that exists. A person can be energetic in other ways, pouring their energy into things that don’t necessarily make them look bubbly and cheerful. This quiz will help you figure out where your own energy is most concentrated. You can express your energy externally, like I just described. You can also express your energy internally, being introspective, having a rich inner life, and liking to think about things and have deep conversations. Or, you can express your energy by channeling it into something you’re passionate about.

All of the choices are equally valid. There can be a lot of pressure to project your energy externally by acting cheerful and enthusiastic, and this quiz is to show you that energy doesn’t always look that way. Energy can look like intense focus on something, it can look like having an insightful conversation, listening intently, or even just sitting there thinking about something. It’s not a question of are you energetic, it’s how you’re energetic, and all ways of using your energy are equally valid.

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