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20 Days, 20 Quizzes, Day 3: How Busy Do You Like to Be?

Video Transcript:

Hi Everyone! This is Day 3 of my video series, 20 Days, 20 Quizzes, where I count down the 20 reasons why my book, All About You: A Personality Quiz Book will make a great gift for your loved ones this holiday season!

The third quiz in this book is about how busy you like to be. This is an important quiz because especially nowadays, there’s a lot of pressure to have a busy lifestyle, even though it isn’t for everyone. I’ve definitely been pushed to be involved in a lot of things and be busier than I wanted to be. I decided to write this quiz several years ago when I was flipping through a book about helping teenagers deal with stress, and the book had this baseline assumption that everyone was involved in a lot of activities, running from school to soccer practice to piano lessons to club meetings. The book gave suggestions on how to manage stress with things like breathing exercises, but it never once said, maybe you don’t want a busy lifestyle. Maybe you’d be happier doing fewer activities and having more time just to yourself. That’s something I’ve dealt with as well, and this quiz will help you figure out the life the pace that will make you the happiest, whether that involves having a lot of activity, a moderate amount of activity, or having very little organized activity and having the most free time you can have.

This quiz also addresses the issue of balancing your desired life pace with your desire to be involved in things that interest you. In addition to the three answer choices about how busy you like to be, there is a fourth choice for if you don’t really like to be busy, but you’re willing to be busy if an activity is important to you. This is something I’ve dealt with a lot – I don’t like a busy lifestyle, but some activities are so important to me that I’m willing to squeeze them in even if I end up not having as much free time as I’d like. This quiz will help you find the balance of activity and free time that will make you the happiest, and advise on how to achieve that balance.

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