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20 Days, 20 Quizzes, Day 4: Reminiscing Time

Video Transcript:

Hi Everyone! This is Day 4 of my video series, 20 Days, 20 Quizzes, where I count down the 20 reasons why my book, All About You: A Personality Quiz Book will make a great gift for your loved ones this holiday season!

The fourth quiz in this book is about how much time you like to spend reminiscing after a positive event. Do you like to spend a lot of time talking about the event and replaying it in your mind, do you like to spend just a little time reminiscing, or do you prefer to just move on to something else?

This is something that’s important to learn about ourselves so that we can give ourselves all the time we need to reflect back on positive events, or even feel sad that they’re over. I know for myself, when a positive event has just ended, I need a lot of time to replay and relive the event, and also to let myself feel sad that it’s over, and just honor the event and all of the feelings that came with it. Or alternatively, you may want to jump right into another activity. You might find it boring to talk about what you’ve already done and be happier thinking about what you’re planning to do next.

One time when I was a teenager, I was in a play over the summer, and the day after the performance, my family and I were taking a long road trip to visit my uncle. I love visiting my uncle, and I’d been looking forward to this trip all summer, but when the time actually came, I was really upset to have to leave the day after the performance. The play meant a lot to me, and I needed more time to just think about it and relive it and feel sad that it was over before I moved on to something else. And it was hard for other people to understand why I was so upset when both events were things that I liked.

This quiz will help you to understand your needs when it comes to reminiscing time, and what you can do to meet them. Even in a case like mine, where I didn’t have a choice about the timing of the events, I would have felt better if I had set some time aside after the trip to focus on my feelings about the play and to honor and celebrate it. I give suggestions about ways to do this, such as writing about your feelings, sorting through photos, keeping a scrapbook, journal, or collage of special things. And if you prefer not to spend time reminiscing, I advise you on making plans so that you’re able to jump right into something else. No matter how you feel after a fun event is over, this quiz will help you learn how to meet your needs.

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