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New Book Release!

My new personality quiz book, "All About You," is now available for sale! This book contains 20 quizzes designed to help you learn about yourself and feel good about who you are.

If you’ve ever taken personality quizzes before, you’ve probably been told to change yourself—maybe to be more outgoing, laid-back, or ambitious. This book won’t tell you to change. Instead, you’ll learn to navigate the world as someone with your unique personality.

Do you like to spend more time alone or with friends? Are you a planner, or are you more spontaneous? What makes you feel better when you’re upset? What are your life priorities? This book will help you discover all these answers and more!

Have fun learning about yourself and your friends, while celebrating all the amazing qualities that make you who you are!

This book is available now on Amazon and at Stillwater Books in Pawtucket, RI and online:

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